April & May 2019

Pegasus Stables ( James Fanshawe)

I spent a most enjoyable couple of mornings sketching at James Fanshawe’s yard, Pegasus Stables. With a very friendly welcome there from the Fanshawes and assistant, Janet. A great opportunity to sketch these iconic Newmarket Stables which were built by the legendary Victorian jockey, Fred Archer. This is historic stable architecture, with the fine buildings forming a handsome backdrop to the bustle and rhythm of a working yard. And rare to see these days, as sadly some of the old racing yards have  been replaced by more up to date, but less visually pleasing structures. This yard has been most carefully protected, preserved and kept immaculate by James.  With a more recent contemporary addition beautifully in keeping with the original.  It was fascinating  to study and draw the architectural details here, catch something of the unique atmosphere at Pegasus, and enjoy the company of the team and the Fanshawes dog …….Yogi.

These are some of my sketches and also an unfinished larger scale watercolour painting,  currently in progress  back at the studio. The stunning copper beech tree which features in this painting, and  overhangs the yard provides a strong visual focal point between the old and new yard, and is as yet just suggested….



Landscape sketching at Warren Hill, Newmarket


After the activity of working mornings, visiting the yards and gallops, it was great to have some time and also the perfect light in which to do some watercolour sketching out on Warren Hill in the early evening. The late Spring colours are fresh and  vibrant and looking down the long sweep of smooth  turf towards the town, with the church spire and houses  nestled amongst the trees, along the bottom road, one gets a clear view of the open space, uninhabited at this time of day, with a far distant blue horizon.  The landscape itself comes to the fore, rather than as a backdrop to the racehorses riding out there in the mornings.


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